Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My first cake experience...turned out pretty well! I used the star tip to fill in the flowers on the top of the cake. Long process but looks great!

Second cake I ever made. Completely self-taught. LOVED making the buttercream roses! I used the wrong tip size for the roses which I think is what made it difficult to do but they turned out well anyway!

Thoughts, comments, suggestions?

I think I'll try some gumpaste and fondant flowers next. Any tips?

Have Your Cake...

...and eat it too! I hope to use this blog to communicate my progress throughout my cake decorating journey in order to receive feedback and brainstorm ideas. Please check back for new cakes and skills I have learned! I am excited to begin this process and look forward to your support! (I'll be working on my photography as well throughout this process so feel free to give feedback on that as well!)